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Walking Tour: Mamas with Chutzpah

March 10, 11:30 am12:30 pm.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with the Museum at Eldridge Street! Discover the women who both witnessed and shaped social, artistic, financial, and political change on the Lower East Side from the late 19th to the early 20th century.

Follow in the footsteps of activists Emma Goldman and Clara Lemlich as they pushed for radical reforms at the height of the Progressive Era. In addition to anonymous social commentators, such as the contributors to The Jewish Daily Forward’s Yiddish advice column A Bintel Brief, and the women who worked below the elevated train on Allen Street, you will learn about wigmaker and mikvah (ritual bath) owner Gittel Natelson, groundbreaking artist Louise Nevelson, and Kosher delicatessen queen Sarah Gellis – the first female member of the Eldridge Street Synagogue where the Museum at Eldridge Street now resides.


Visit the Women’s Balcony of the Eldridge Street Synagogue and discuss Sarah Gellis

Learn about the former Mikvah on Allen Street and businesswomen Gittel Natelson

Discuss the Allen Street Prostitutes/Handkerchief Girls

Head to Straus Square to learn about Clara Lemlich and Emma Goldman

Visit The Forward Building and discuss the Yiddish advice column A Bintel Brief

See The Educational Alliance and learn about Louise Nevelson

Ticket Price Includes Museum Admission.

This Museum at Eldridge Street Walking Tour is only available to small groups (25 people max). This tour is available to both individual ticket holders and families.

Image Credit: Immigrant Women on the Lower East Side, “The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902, Scott D. Seligman.”


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